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My name is Barbara Quinton and I am a Spiritual Medium, Reiki Master Practitioner and Intuitive Development and Mediumship Mentor. I am also the owner of Red Fern Healing, based out of Innisfil, Ontario, Canada.

I am a mother of three and a college graduate. I have worked within the social services sector since 2001, as a counsellor in addiction rehabilitation, an Educational Assistant within the public school system, and support for individuals with Autism and developmental disabilities.

My journey into the mystical, spiritual side of life began in 2014. At a low point, I found myself yearning for something more, I just didn't know what that "more" was. A series of life-changing events landed me in an impromptu intuitive reading where she spoke of my abilities as a healer and intuitive. Every word she said was like being reminded of everything I already was, but had simply forgotten. Within days of the reading I had signed myself up for Reiki classes and continued on to receive my Master/Teacher certification.

It was through the teachings and training of my wonderful Reiki teacher and mentor that I realized my capacity to be a conduit in the process of healing, as well as my potential as a medium. Shortly thereafter I signed myself up for intuitive development classes, where I started on my path of self-discovery and connection to spirit.

I have since continued with my intuitive and mediumship studies with private mentors in Canada, USA, UK as well as teachers from Arthur Findlay College (Stansted, UK) for mediumship and trance healing.

Currently I provide intuitive and mediumship readings, Reiki sessions for people and animals and I teach group Intuitive Development and Mediumship classes as well as a 1:1 Intuitive Development Mentorship program. I regularly provide demonstrations of mediumship along side fellow mediums through Facebook and Zoom. As well, I have recently created CHASING LIGHT, a Youtube channel geared to assisting those in their intuitive development along with some other fun stuff!

Every single day I am reminded of the strength and beauty of the energy that both surround us and is within all of us. It is my mission as a lightworker and voice for spirit, to empower our highest self and to be a true link to the spirit world, providing messages of love and healing.



"I am so happy I went to see Barb. My experience was fantastic; very relaxing and thorough. She has an innate ability to connect with me and move energies around. Felt great afterwards and will definitely be back."
-M. Young


"Barb's calm, caring and positive approach creates a Reiki experience that has helped to alleviate my stress and anxiety. Barb's professional practice of this Japanese energy touch therapy is non- invasive and has no side effects. I would recommend to anybody looking to become more in touch with their spiritual selves."
-T. Winegar


"I had Barb do reiki sessions on two of my horses, before she worked on me. She was able to identify areas of pain and restriction on all of us, and help channel the energy through them. My one horse kept trying to nuzzle her while she was working, in an attempt to tell her she was doing a good job. The other horse just stood there and soaked up the energy she was working with. I felt rejuvenated after my session, and much more balanced. We all have really enjoyed the Reiki sessions with Barb, and look forward to the next one."
-K. Pattison


Barbara Quinton

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