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Losing the ones we love is, by far, some of the most difficult times in our lives.

We are so often left with overwhelming feelings of grief and a deep longing to connect with them once again.

It is my belief that when we die it is only the physical that is gone, but that our soul transitions back in to the pure energetic essence from whence we came. An energy that is still very much alive!

From my personal experiences connecting with those that have crossed over, I have seen firsthand the eagerness to communicate that spirit has brought forward, for those that are still living here on earth.

I have found that being a conduit, or medium, between both worlds has been such a wonderful process of healing, not only for the people receiving the messages, but for spirit as well. As an evidential medium my aim is to connect you to those in spirit that you want to communicate with and provide as much clarity and detailed evidence as possible. I work solely from the heart and for the greatest and highest good of all.



Barbara Quinton

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