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Reiki is a safe, non-evasive, therapeutic relaxation technique that works within our energy system, to create and maintain balance, and promote health and overall wellbeing. By helping to restore and maintain balance, Reiki promotes the ultimate relaxation and allows the body to enhance its natural healing abilities on all levels.

Reiki can be both given and received during in-person sessions, as well as with Distance Reiki.

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Reiki helps to create an overall deep relaxation and aides the body to balance and release stress and tension. Some of the health benefits of Reiki are:

  • Helps to relieve and/or prevent pain and discomfort
  • Assists in immune system support and overall health
  • Aides in breaking of addiction
  • Offers relief of emotional, mental and spiritual stressors
  • Helps to speed recovery of surgery and long-term illness
  • Can help to alleviate mood swings, anxiety, depression, anger and frustration
  • Can assist with mental clarity, such as; feeling foggy, memory and alertness

*Please note: It is highly suggested that individuals are currently and continue to be advised by a certified medical professional while receiving Reiki treatments. Reiki is a fabulous complement to other modalities, however Reiki practitioners are not certified medical professionals, unless they state and can verify otherwise*




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Yes, you do! Although the Reiki, or "universal life force energy" always flows, weather acknowledged or not; just like any form of therapeutic approach, if you believe in it and/or are open to it, than the effects of Reiki can be felt more vividly and be more rewarding.



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