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Reiki is a safe, non-evasive, therapeutic relaxation technique that works within our energy system. It helps to create and maintain balance, and promote health and overall wellbeing. By helping to restore and maintain balance, Reiki promotes the ultimate relaxation and allows the body to enhance its natural healing abilities on all levels.

Reiki can be given and received during in-person sessions, as well as sent distantly.



Reiki helps to create an overall deep relaxation and aides the body to balance and release stress and tension. Some of the health benefits of Reiki can be:

  • Relief and/or prevention of pain and discomfort
  • Assist immune system support and overall health
  • Aides in breaking of addiction
  • Relief of emotional, mental and spiritual stressors
  • Speed recovery of surgery and long-term illness
  • Minimize or eliminate mood swings, anxiety, depression, anger and frustration
  • Assist with mental clarity, such as; feeling foggy, memory and alertness

*Please note: It is recommended that individuals are currently and continue to be advised by a certified medical professional while receiving Reiki treatment(s). Reiki is a fabulous complement to other modalities, however Reiki Practitioners are not certified medical professionals, unless stated and verified otherwise.




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Distance Reiki is the projection of healing energy from a distance. It is energy that is transferred from the person projecting the Reiki, to the individual receiving that Reiki.

Everything in our world, including our own body is made of energy. Vibrating molecules that move at different frequencies and speeds. Our intentions, thoughts and emotions create our energy (also known as the Aura). Time and distance do not interfere with the ability to give or received Reiki. Distance Reiki can be received any time, day or night and during any activity.

Find this hard to believe? Well, try thinking of it this way. When you have an emotion, you might agree that you can FEEL that emotion throughout your body. Your emotions are creating an energetic reaction through the body, which alters the energy surrounding you (the aura) and can literally be felt with the hands! It can even be seen with the naked eye.

Picture the last time you encountered someone, for example, from across the room. You don't have any verbal or visual suggestion of their mood, yet you "sense" their state of emotion. You are receiving their projected energy from a distance!

This applies to the energy projected from both humans and animals. It is the role of the Reiki practitioner to become the conduit, or "channel", connecting with the Reiki (life force energy) and sending this energy, filled with pure intention, love and healing to the recipient.


DISCLAIMER: You must be 18 years of age or older to receive a reading. It is through read and signed consent by each participant prior to reading that a reading is not a substitute for the guidance of medical or professional advice and because of such, the readings are considered "for entertainment purposes only". By consenting for a reading or Reiki session you agree that any information given to you, including any actions and choices you make, are solely your own personal responsibility.



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