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Reiki is a safe, non-evasive, therapeutic relaxation technique that works within our energy system. It helps to create and maintain balance, and promote health and overall wellbeing. By helping to restore and maintain balance, Reiki promotes the ultimate relaxation and allows the body to enhance its natural healing abilities on all levels.

Reiki can be given and received during in-person sessions, as well as sent distantly.



Reiki helps to create an overall deep relaxation and aides the body to balance and release stress and tension. Some of the health benefits of Reiki can be:

  • Relief and/or prevention of pain and discomfort
  • Assist immune system support and overall health
  • Aides in breaking of addiction
  • Relief of emotional, mental and spiritual stressors
  • Speed recovery of surgery and long-term illness
  • Minimize or eliminate mood swings, anxiety, depression, anger and frustration
  • Assist with mental clarity, such as; feeling foggy, memory and alertness

*Please note: It is recommended that individuals are currently and continue to be advised by a certified medical professional while receiving Reiki treatment(s). Reiki is a fabulous complement to other modalities, however Reiki Practitioners are not certified medical professionals, unless stated and verified otherwise.




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Reiki is a wonderful modality for animals of all types, shapes and sizes. Animals are naturally intuitive and extremely receptive to energy. Just like with the human body, Reiki can support animals in achieving optimal relaxation, comfort and aide in the recovery of discomforts, illness or surgery. As well, Reiki is a complimentary support to other conventional medicine. Reiki aides in balancing and supporting the bodies energy, which in turn allows the body to more easily heal itself.

Each animal's sensitivity and acknowledgment to the Reiki energy differs. It is the assessment and connection the Reiki Practitioner holds with the animal that allows them to gauge the comfort and openness of each animal. In turn, the Practitioner will adjust the session to suite the animals needs to obtain the highest degree of comfort and support. Quite often an animal will adjust their body positioning to where they want the Practitioners hands to send Reiki.

Animal Reiki sessions lengths differ based on the animals needs and comfort level to the amount of strength of Reiki they receive. It is encouraged that the animals caregiver be present during Reiki, unless otherwise agreed upon. This supports the animal to feel more at ease with the process. As well, the process of Reiki can be just as important to the owner/caregiver as to the animal. It can create a sense of inclusion, caring and support toward the animal that can foster a nurturing and loving relationship at home.

Sometimes Reiki face-to-face can be a challenging situation. Maybe the preferred Reiki practitioner is located to far from the animal? Perhaps the animal had suffered trauma and is uncomfortable with touch, or is at a vet clinic for care? Maybe the animal has anxiety when away from their family? Fortunately, Reiki can be done from any distance! This allows the animal to receive healing no matter the circumstances.


DISCLAIMER: You must be 18 years of age or older to receive a reading. It is through read and signed consent by each participant prior to reading that a reading is not a substitute for the guidance of medical or professional advice and because of such, the readings are considered "for entertainment purposes only". By consenting for a reading or Reiki session you agree that any information given to you, including any actions and choices you make, are solely your own personal responsibility.



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